Saturday, 15 March 2014 has had a Make Over!

Firstly, I'd like to start off this post by introducing my NEW look blog, the Powder Room has undergone a much needed make over (in-case you guys hadn't noticed or for any new readers I may have). Personally, I have always loved blogs with a simple crisp black and white design so it was fairly obvious to me upon re-designing my blog that this was the colour scheme I was going to go for.

Clean lines, simple design and good photography I think is what makes a blog enjoyable to read (obviously good content too). I know when I go looking for new blogs to add to my reading list, this is something that I look for myself and I would hope that other beauty bloggers and the likes would also agree. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce a new 'Lifestyle' section into my blog. Obviously when writing some posts they may not always fall into the 'Beauty' category so I figured introducing a lifestyle type section would be the best way to get around this. 

Hopefully all of you that read my posts and follow the Powder Room will like my new design and you will continue to stay with me for an exciting time ahead. I have lots of plans for the blog and I am really excited to see what's coming next! The past 6 months some of you may have noticed I was absent to the blogosphere, mainly due to work commitments and having a serious lack of time to post. But I do intend to get back into regular blogging now again that my circumstances have changed and I have a little bit more free time on my hands. I am going to take a risk and come across as being cheesey or cliche here; but a big thank you to all of you who continue to read my posts and follow!


  1. It’s really beautiful, gorgeous photography too!

  2. I love the layout. Its simple and enjoyable to read :)



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