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Concealers | My Current Favourites

Hello everyone!
 Today's post is a current favourites post.. So I thought I would do a little blogging about the Concealers I am currently loving and using the most.
Let me start off by telling you all a bit about my skin. I am naturally quite pale (pasty Irish skin) and have a few freckles and other blemishes on my face. I don't suffer from acne or get loads of spots but like every other 22 year old woman, I do get them from time to time. I also suffer from a bit of redness around my nose and have quite an uneven skin tone in general. Now, all that aside.. I do have okay skin and I'm happy with what I've got. However, we all like a bit of extra coverage on top of our foundation don't we? So it comes at no surprise that I'm obsessed with finding a good concealer.
I currently have 3 that I switch around in my daily make-up routine. 

Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer
The first one is from a brand that I really adore and I'm constantly buying their products. It's Rimmel London's Match Perfection concealer. I was introduced to this concealer by YouTube beauty guru Fleur De Force, she really liked this concealer so I knew I had to go and buy it and try it out for myself! 
This is a great concealer for under the eyes. It claims on the packaging to be a '2 in 1' Concealer and Highlighter, however I think it performs at it's best under the eyes and wouldn't really use it on spots or blemishes. Upon applying this concealer it's so creamy and feels very lightweight. It won't cake in the crease's under your eyes or give you that 'heavily' made up look. It's very easy to blend and I find the best way to apply it, is to simply dab the product under your eye with your ring finger and blend. The finish is lovely. Feels super light on the skin and really helps to brighten up tired eyes. The packaging is okay.. although I feel it looks slightly 'cheap' it does have a pointed brush applicator almost like the YSL Touche Eclat and the likes. All in all, I really love this concealer to brighten up my eyes, especially if I haven't had much sleep.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Concealer

Another favourite concealer of mine at the moment would have to be the Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer. I recently came across this whilst purchasing my Double Wear Foundation in Boots, when the Lady behind the counter threw in a free double ended Mascara and Concealer into my bag. I was absolutely delighted as I had been meaning to try the Double Wear Concealer for ages since the foundation version is so good. 
I am in love with this concealer! The consistency is great, not too thick and not too runny.. You really don't need much of the product as a little goes a long way! It blends perfectly into my foundation and doesn't crease under my eyes either. I like to apply 3 or 4 little dots under my eyes and then blend it in with my concealer brush. On spots and blemishes it works a treat and really hides all those unwanted red lumps and bumps. This is by far my favourite for cover up's and I will definitely be purchasing the full size as soon as I run out.

Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer (apologies for the grubby packaging.. the writing rubs off very easily)

My final current favourite would have to be Collection 2000's (or just 'Collection' as they are now known) Lasting Perfection concealer. This has been talked about so many times in the beauty community and still remains a solid top favourite! It's definitely a top favourite of mine anyway, and I will continue to repurchase this concealer for as long as I live! The concealer itself is amazing.. Hides everything you want to cover and lasts all day long. I do however find that it cake's on me just under my eyes, so I now only use it on blemishes and the likes. 
It's only downside.. I don't think you can get it anywhere else apart from Ireland and the UK but I'm sure you can find it online for all you girls that live elsewhere in the world! 

Happy Concealing Everyone! Tell me what your favourite concealer is?

Rachel x


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  2. I too love the Collection concealer. I also find that if I put too much under my eyes it goes cakey x


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