Friday, 21 March 2014

10 of the best Beauty Tips & Tricks you never knew about

Don't you just hate when you want to be let in on a secret but people just won't tell you what it is? It's definitely no fun! The beauty industry is full of brilliant make up artists and professionals who swear by some tips and tricks that they've learnt along the way. In today's post I'm going to share with you 10 of the very best tips and tricks that you need to know about the beauty industry.

1. Heat those eyelash curlers.
This may sound like an attempt to burn off all your eyelashes, but if you blast your eyelash curler with a hairdryer for 10-15 seconds before use, the rubber pad on your curler will heat up, which in turn will give you extra curl that stays put for longer.

2. No primer? No problem.
Don't own an eyeshadow primer? Instead, try blending out a small bit of concealer on your lids to give your shadows something they can stick too.

3. Enhance your boosums!
For those of us who weren't blessed with a naturally big chest, a little helping hand is always welcome. Try adding a dark shade of matte bronzer in and around your natural cleavage for the illusion of bigger boobs.

4. Stop your eyebrows from looking like cave men.
Grab an old toothbrush or clean mascara wand and spritz some hairspray onto it. By then brushing this through your eyebrows you can tame those fuzzy beasts and keep them from moving all day.

5. Oh no! I've run out of nail polish remover.
Have you ever just started doing a manicure and suddenly realise you've no nail polish remover left? If you apply a clear topcoat over your old chipped nail polish and then remove it promptly with a cotton pad, it will work the same way as regular nail polish remover.

6. Get an instant eye lift without going under the knife.
Using your favourite highlighting concealer, draw an arch shape just above your eyebrow. Blend out the concealer into the rest of your make-up and the whole area will look lifted.

7. Matte lipstick that will last all day.
We all have that favourite lippie that simply doesn't last all day. After applying your lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and lightly dust on some mattifying powder with a big fluffy brush. This will help to matte down your lipstick and keep it in place throughout the day!

8. Don't forget to exfoliate those lips for that perfect pout.
We exfoliate our bodies.. so why forget about our lips? Slap some regular vaseline all over your lips and grab an old toothbrush. Gently rub your lips with the toothbrush to exfoliate any dead skin and wipe off any excess.

9. Not the best at doing 'winged' eyeliner?
Sometimes it's hard to get that line straight! Cut a small piece of sticky tape and stick it to the back of your hand a few times to remove any excess stickiness. Apply the tape just underneath your eye to act as a guide line for that perfect winged out eyeliner.

10. Get that false lash effect without the effort.
Between each coat of mascara, dip a Q-tip into some baby powder. Lightly run it over your lashes focusing on the tips. The second coat of mascara will attach to it for that fuller lash effect without the hassle of adding falsies.

Have you got any beauty secrets to share?


  1. These are some great tips, will definitely be trying out number 9 and 10!
    KJ xo


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