Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Lipstick Dupe | MAC v Sleek

Hey my lovelies! So today's post is one I have been meaning to write up for awhile now. If you can get more or less the same product for a fraction of the price then why not? 
I was browsing through my lipstick collection today when I realised I have 2 of which are quite similar in colour and I wanted to share it with you all. I love all my lipsticks, both high end and drugstore. But one lipstick in particular is my current favourite and I wear it all the time. Mac Rebel, a gorgeous berry plum shade which I can't recommend enough. It is extremely versatile to wear both in daytime and at night and also very on trend for this season.
If your not already familiar with this lipstick shade from MAC, Rebel is a Satin finish lipstick meaning it is longwearing, creamy and a semi-matte lipstick. The colour is also a very pretty plum shade, leaning more towards pink rather than purple and super flattering against most skintones.

This is where Cosmetics company Sleek come in. Low and behold 'Smother', a lipstick shade from Sleeks True Colour range. I originally featured a review of this lippie in a Haul post (which you can find here) and had heard at the time, just how comparable it was to Rebel by MAC. 

In the above picture I have used Rebel by MAC on my upper lip and Sleek's Smother on my bottom lip. You can see from the picture just how similar these lipsticks are in terms of colour, with almost no difference apart from Smother being ever so slighty darker than MAC's Rebel.
The only noticeable difference in these lipsticks would be the finish. As Rebel is a Satin finish it comes across semi-matte with almost no glossiness, where as Smother by Sleek is a Sheen finish, meaning it is super creamy and moisturising to wear on the lips and also gives off a slight sheen but nothing too shimmery. In terms of longevity, both lipsticks are pretty long wearing. However, due to Smother being a Sheen finish, the moisture rich formula can tend to wear off a little bit quicker than Rebel's semi-matte finish.

Again, I have swatched both Smother (left) and Rebel (right) on my arm to show you their similarities. 
In terms of price, this is where the difference in these lipsticks is huge. MAC's Rebel will cost you €18.50 if you buy this from Brown Thomas, so quite pricey if you are on a budget. However, it is readily available to buy in Ireland over the counter. Unlike Smother by Sleek which I had to purchase from their online website which is based in London. However, at €5.99 for this lipstick it really is a bargain dupe! I would also like to point out that in both lipsticks you get exactly the same amount of product in the Bullet.

So there you have it ladies.. A cheaper version of my favourite MAC lippie, who'd have thought it? I definitely think for nights out I will be bringing the Sleek lipstick in my handbag. My MAC one is too precious and alot more expensive to risk loosing it, if it should fall out of my handbag.

You can also find a review of Rebel by MAC here.

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