Saturday, 14 June 2014

Daily Skincare Routine

Well hello there my lovely readers! It's been awhile since I last updated the Powder Room beauty blog so I thought while I have some time on my hands today, why not get straight back into the blogging - as I have really been missing it lately. I'm back today with a post all about my current skincare routine and the products I use on a daily basis.
Now I won't lie to you lovely lot, my skincare regimen hasn't always been top priority which is really quite embarrassing to say. I'm 23 now, and I feel I should really be looking after my skin properly so it doesn't look 40 when I'm 25. So before I start blabbering on about how I'm getting old and the years are going by way too fast (sigh) let's get straight into this post.

There is nothing too high end or fancy about my skincare routine. I use a few simple products which are relatively easy to get your hands on and aren't too expensive. To remove my make up I tend to just use make-up wipes. I generally always buy the Johnsons Cleansing wipes which I find brilliant, as they stay nice and moist and you usually only need one or two wipes to remove all your make up. However, at the moment I'm using the P.S Love Exfoliating facial cleansing wipes which you can buy from Penneys/Primark for just €1.50! These are great if your on a budget and definitely the best wipes from the P.S Love range.

After I remove all the make up from my face, I then like to go in with my Effaclar Foaming Gel cleanser by La Roche-Posay and give my skin a thorough clean. This is a gel cleanser which foams up when used with warm water to really give your skin a good scrub. I find this product works really well on my combination skin and doesn't dry me out or give me any breakouts. I reviewed this cleanser on the Powder Room before, which you can read here.

Once I'm done cleansing my face, I generally just go ahead and moisturize. I did used to use a toner after I had cleansed my face, but after a while I found it was drying out my skin way too much. It's a step I really don't need to do because my Effaclar cleanser works so well at removing all traces of make up and impurities. I have recently just bought the Q10 Anti-wrinkle Day Cream by Cien at Lidl after hearing so much about the beauty products that Lidl have been producing lately, I really wanted to give it a try. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and also Caffeine which is really good for reducing tired eyes and puffiness. I have to say I am really liking this face cream so far and haven't got a bad word to say about it. I might do a more in-depth review of this product at a later stage here on the Powder Room.

The last two steps in my skincare routine are eyes and lips. After I have moisturized my face, I then like to dab on a small amount of my Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus serum under my eyes. I received a sample of this product a while back and have been using it religiously under my eyes ever since. It claims to smooth, restore and correct skin and give you less visible wrinkles in 12 weeks. Now as for the less wrinkles, I can't really comment on because well, I don't really have any (yet), but I do feel this serum is working on making my under-eye area appear more refined and smooth.

Last but not least is my lips. I just apply a simple lip balm at this point to restore some moisture back into my lips and keep them looking chap-free. At the moment I'm switching between Niveas Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose and the Carmex Moisturising Cherry lip balm which both smell great and work equally well at keeping my lips nice and soft.

Thanks for reading lovelies and don't forget to comment down below for any questions.


  1. The toner you were using probably contained a solvent alcohol which can dry out your skin. A natural (and much cheaper alternative) is rosewater. It's about $5 for a 6oz bottle and it lasts forever. While toners can be perceived as unnecessary, they do help to reduce inflammation (redness) and give an extra dose of moisture and help smooth the skin before moisturizing. Don't give up on toner!

    1. I used to use a rosewater toner actually! Now I think back, I really liked it too! Thanks for the tip :) and thank you for your comment x

  2. I'm the worst when it comes to sticking to a skincare routine, but I know I should probably start looking after my skin too! Wish I had the patience to decently remove all my makeup every night but those makeup wipes from Primark just make our lives a lot easier, don't they? haha

    Tania x

    1. haha believe me you are not alone on that one! where would we be without make-ups wipes!! :) thanks for reading x


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