Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bargain of the week: Zara Night eau de parfum

On a recent shopping trip to Zara I came across this little gem, Zara Night eau de parfum. Having never tried any perfume from Zara before I was a little curious to try some out. I think the design of this bottle may have winged in it's favour, as I was drawn to it straight away. I really loved this perfume upon spraying it - the minute I put it on, I knew I was going to buy it.

So I decided to pick up the 80ml size of this perfume from Zara which cost me €16,95. For that price it was hard to put the bottle down! Upon getting it home, I couldn't wait to open up the packaging and put it on. Released in 2014, this eau de parfum by Zara is described as having notes of bergamot, peony and roses with vanilla as its warm base note. There is something about this perfume once it has settled on the skin that really reminds me of Viktor & Rolfs Flowerbomb - maybe it's the rose notes that are also contained in Flowerbomb that gives these two perfumes some similarities, none the less Zara Night is a really lovely scent and a bargain at this price. If you love floral fragrances like V&R Flowerbomb or Dior Posion, then you will love this! On my skin, this perfume lasted quite well through-out the day so it definitely has good staying power. You can also pick up a 40ml size bottle which will cost you €11,95.

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