Saturday, 22 March 2014

Elnett Volume Excess Hairspray | No more backcombing!

It's not often I blog about hair products, especially a product as simple as hairspray. But I thought this particular hairspray was too special not to give it a mention. I always backcomb my hair without fail - as bad as it is for your hair. There's something about big volumized hair that I just love and I can't stand hair that looks limp and flat on the head. I've tried all sorts of texturising sprays and powders and I just can't get used to their sticky residue (not mentioning the fact that your hair gets ridiculously knotty after use). Dry shampoo's are a good alternative for backcombing, but I always seem to just stick with backcombing and then setting it with a hairspray.

Browsing through the shelves in Boots one day I picked up Elnett's 'Volume Excess' Hairspray. I always tend to go for Elnett hairsprays just because they brush away easily without making your hair feel like straw. This hairspray claims to have texturising powders within it, giving instant volume to the hair. I have to be honest though, what drew me to this particular one was the leopard print design on the top of the bottle (yes, how sad).

This particular Elnett hairspray has quickly replaced my regular version, simply because I love it so much. The amount of volume you can achieve with this is incredible! There are two ways you can use this to add volume and lift. One way is by simply spraying the hairspray onto your fingertips and distributing it throughout the hair for a 'messy' kind of look or you can use it along side some light backcombing of the hair, lifting the hair up and spraying it into the roots - this is the method I like to use. Because it's not just for adding volume and it's a hairspray aswel, it means your big sexy hair will last all day with it's 'strong' hold formula and when I go to brush it out at the end of the day, my hair still feels clean and fresh. I think I can safely say, this hairspray has now become a staple hair product in my routine.

Have you tried the Volume Excess hairspray from Elnett yet?

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