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Make-Up Tips for your Eye Colour

Unless your a qualified make up artist or you just have a really good knowledge of make up products and application, then you may not know what colour in eyeshadow you should be wearing to best compliment your eye colour. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from wearing whatever shade's you like, but as a woman I think it's important for us to know what exact shade will suit our individual eye colour.

In today's post I have put together a list of what colours you should be wearing to compliment your eye shade, and what colours you should probably try and avoid. The three most common eye colours are blue, brown and green so there is something to suit everyone.

Brown Eyes
Brown eyed girls have the widest range of colours to choose from when it comes to eye make-up. Depending on what exact shade of brown your eyes are, there are certain colours that will compliment your eyes more-so than others. Firstly, you need to determine what shade of brown you have; if your eyes are a light to medium brown then you should stick to deep violets, greens, greys and blue coloured eyeshadow. Avoid any yellow! Be careful not to over-power your shade of brown by limiting the use of darker colours in the crease. If you like the 'smokey eye' look, then stick to shimmery eyeshadows to brighten up the area and use grey shades instead of dark browns to smoke it out.

If your eyes are a darker shade like chocolate brown, then deep plums, golds and bronze toned eyeshadow will work really well. The use of dark eyeliners like navy blue, black and plum will also really bring out the brown in your eyes. You can draw attention to your eyes and open them up by using lighter shades like peaches and taupe's and by lining the upper lash line using a black liquid eyeliner.

Blue Eyes
Blue eyes are really beautiful, especially those unusual bright-icey blue shades. Finding eye make-up to best compliment blue eyes can sometimes be hard, I know this myself because I have blue eyes. Much like brown eyes, there are quite a few different shades of blue eyes out there so firstly, you should determine what exact shade you have. For light-blue eyes, try using natural warm tones in your eyeshadow like light browns (similar to that of skin-tone) or more earthy browns. To make your eyeshadow more intense and smokey, try a matte dark brown but avoid reddish toned browns and terracotta's (this will make your eyes look tired). Some dark purple and blue shades also compliment light blue eyes really well, but be careful not to over-do it.

For those darker blue eyed ladies including teal greens and aqua-blue; try bronze, copper and gold shades. These will really bring out the blue and make your eyes pop. The use of brown eyeliner is also really flattering and not as dark as a black, which might drown out your dark blue eyes. Also try a rich plum or burgundy eyeliner in your waterline for a nice contrast.

Green Eyes
Green eyes are so striking and all you lucky ladies with green eyes should embrace every second of having them. When it comes to wearing the right shade of eyeshadow though, not every colour will suit your green eyes. For those eyes that sometimes appear hazel and sometimes appear a light green, you should think of the Autumn season when applying your eye make-up. Colours like browns, golds and greens all work really well with this eye colour. Also applying some cream coloured shadow in your inner-corner will really bring out the green/hazel colour of the eye. Add black eyeliner and mascara to this look and it will really make the eyes stand out.

A slightly darker green can carry off almost any colour eyeshadow. Pink's, purples, plums and some olive toned shades will work really well. Also for a heavier look, dark and smokey eyeshadow will look great on green eyes using dark browns and black shades.

  • By following these simple tips according to your eye colour, you can really make your eyes stand out. As a general rule, easier make up application is helped by understanding the colour wheel. Find your eye colour (or near enough) down below and then find what colours appear directly opposite it. These are the colours that will generally compliment your eyes and the ones you should look out for when buying eyeshadow.

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  1. such a helpful post! I have blue eyes too so find out hard knowing what colours look good against the colour, would love if you could check out my blog :)


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