Thursday, 2 May 2013

Review | Cocoa Brown Tan

Hey guys.. 
Hope everyone is well! So I picked up Cocoa Brown Tan from McCabe's Pharmacy a couple of weeks ago for a reasonable price tag of just €7.99! I had been on the hunt for a new tan for quite a while. I was previously using the much raved about St. Moriz but after a while I found it just didn't agree with the dry patches on my skin and started to look very cakey and horrible, especially once the product had started to wear off.
I hadn't heard too much about this tan or read many reviews upon purchasing it, so I suppose you could say I was entering the unknown with this product (for lack of a better term). I really loved the packaging of this stuff when I saw it on the shelf and with it being so reasonably priced, I said why not give it a go? And boy am I glad I did.. I LOVE this tan! Without a doubt the best tan I've ever used, and the best part? It's 100% Irish. 
I wouldn't consider myself a die hard fake tanner but I do think being tanned makes my pasty Irish skin look so much healthier and I generally feel happier in myself when I have a nice glow.
The tan itself was developed by Irish beauty salon owner Marissa Carter. She has her very own beauty Salon, situated in Blackrock, County Dublin called Carter Beauty Blackrock. Her salon is the choice of many top celebrities, beauty editors and models and is certainly well known for their Spray Tans!
So onto the tan.. It promises to deliver beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just one hour. Application of this product is super easy as the tan comes in a mousse form (which is also my favourite type of tanning formula). 

Apologies for the dirty looking mitt.. It had been used prior to taking this picture

This stuff smells amazing.. Normally most fake tans smell absolutely revolting and I just can't stand the smell of them on my skin. Not with this tan.. It smells divine with beautiful floral scents which is another reason why I love it so much. I used my tanning mitt to apply the product and carefully rubbed in circular motions onto my skin. You can immediately see the colour upon application, so you know exactly where the product is going on your skin. Almost straight away I looked so bronzed and glowing.. I was so impressed! The tan barely needs any time to dry after application so there was no waiting around the house in the nip, waiting on tan to dry (another pet hate of mine with fake tan). It says on the bottle that you can wash it off after an hour and be beautifully bronzed but I decided to leave it on overnight and I showered it off the following morning. 
I was super impressed with the results.. My skin wasn't patchy and the tan didn't cling to my dry bits, as with other fake tans. The colour itself was gorgeous, it left my skin looking healthy and just like I had come back from a week in the sun. I definitely wouldn't say this tan leaves you orange like the oompa loompa's from Charlie and the Chocolate factory! 
What else can I say about this fake tan? I'm officially in love and would recommend it to anybody. I have already stocked up on a few bottles should I ever run out. 

Here is a few before and after pictures...

Naked Skin

Straight after Application

Tan after the 1 hour Development time

Have your purchased the Cocoa Brown Tan by Marissa Carter? What do you think of the results?

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