Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bobbi Brown Corrector | Worth the Hype?

Hello everyone!
So I picked up the much loved corrector by Bobbi Brown a few days back and I must say, I have really been liking this product so far! My purpose for buying this product was not to hide dark under eye circles developed from lack of sleep.. but to camouflage a very annoying blue tone I seem to have under my eyes. I am very pale skinned (unfortunately) so I usually tend to fake tan my skin in the hope of looking a bit healthier than my pasty-white skin makes me look. However, with my fair complexion I find that the veins underneath my eyes tend to stand out a lot more and give me that dreaded blue-toned under eye circle that I can never seem to hide with ordinary concealer.

I had heard a lot about the Bobbi Brown Corrector working miracles on any under-eye discolouring, so off I went into town to get my hands on it! The girl behind the counter was very helpful and informed me about what the corrector does exactly and also what shades in the corrector were best suited to a woman my age, skintone etc. I have this product in shade 'Light Bisque'. The 'bisque' (pink) shades are more suited to masking blue tones under the eyes, while the 'peach' shades are more suited to sorting them dreaded dark bags.

After reading a few mixed reviews about this corrector online, I can honestly say this is a miracle product and really is a beauty must-have! If it doesn't work properly for you then play around with applications because I guarantee you will get it to work eventually. I watched how the girl at the Bobbi Brown counter applied this to under my eyes and explained what she was doing as she was going along. 
The idea behind this product is to 'correct' the blue tones underneath your eyes and not to replace your normal concealer. I like to use a small eyeshadow brush when applying the product after first 'warming up' the product on the back of my hand. I gently apply the corrector with light strokes on my inner corner and underneath my eye insuring all is evenly blended. At this stage you will look slightly odd as the corrector looks very obvious on the skin.. but don't worry. After this, I go ahead and use a small amount of my usual concealer (Estee Lauder Double Wear) but this time I use my finger and gently press the concealer into the skin under my eyes and keep patting down until there are no obvious lines. You can then go in and powder the under-eye area to set both products and keep them lasting all day long.

Corrector Swatched on the back of my hand

Overall, I am really impressed with this corrector from Bobbi Brown. I honestly don't know why I hadn't tried it before. The consistency is quite firm but a little warming up of the product makes it super easy to blend. I would recommend using as little of the product as possible as it really does go a long way. I think this is an important step to avoid any creasing under the eye and I reckon caking too much of the corrector on will really make the product lose its effectiveness. The packaging is also great as the lid contains a small mirror.. perfect for touch-ups! I would highly recommend this corrector if you suffer from similar problems like myself. You can pick this product up from Arnotts for €23. I have a feeling it will now have a permanent place in my make-up bag.

Have you tried the Bobbi Brown corrector?

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