Thursday, 18 December 2014

We Have moved!

The Powder Room has moved! I have just recently started using Wordpress as my new blogging platform and setting up my own self-hosted website. The domain name has not changed and you can still find us at The reason for me changing from Google's well known BlogSpot to was quite simply for a better and more advanced user-interface. Don't get me wrong, blogger was great for when I started out and when you're just starting off in the world of blogging it is certainly the one I would recommend the most as it's simple to use an you can learn to navigate around it quite quickly.

For those of you who had me added to the blogger reading list, my posts will no longer update through the feed. I am however, still hosting my blog through the much loved Bloglovin' website if you want to go and read all of my posts over there. My new link will be left down below to keep on following me here on The Powder Room and I also have a link where you can subscribe through an RSS Feed. Thanks for all your support!

Rachel x

New blog URL

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