Thursday, 25 April 2013

Inverted V Nails | Revlon Zealous

Hey everyone! 
So I got a little bit bored and decided to paint my nails and I came up with this design! Let me know what you think?
I started by applying my 24/7 base coat by Essence to each nail.. drying time took about 2 minutes as this stuff dries really fast and leaves a velvet finish on top for nail polish to stick to.
I then went ahead and used my new nail polish from Revlon in shade '560' Zealous. This is a beautiful colour..perfect for Spring. It looks quite like a lime green shade in the bottle but upon applying it, I was surprised by how yellow based it was. It also has a slight shimmer which I really like. 

I applied 3 coats of this colour as it comes across quite opaque. 
I waited for it to dry first before I went ahead and painted on the inverted 'V' shape.. this took about 5 minutes to dry! Revlon polishes are really quick with their drying time.
I then used my black Nail Art Paint by Kiss.. these are not bad and I picked up a set of 3 containing a black, white and silver from Boots for less than €10.

I painted 3 inverted 'V' shapes with the Black Paint onto each nail. Stating with one stroke for each side of the 'V' shape, and working from the tip of my nail inwards to the base.
After painting all of my nails on both hands, I waited for this to dry thoroughly before going in with my top coat.
The top coat I use and love is by Essence.. It's their XXXL Shine Gel Look formula top coat.. I would really recommend this stuff. It's cheap and cheerful and really does help to keep my nail polish staying in place for a few days!

Here is a look at all the products used to create this look..

So there you have it.. It's such a simple design and it took less than ten minutes to achieve. Let me know your thoughts on my Inverted 'V' Shaped nails! Enjoy..

What's your opinion? Will you be attempting this design?

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