Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick Collection

Hey everyone.. hope all is well.
Today I thought I would show you some of my favourite lippies from the 'Kate Moss' for Rimmel lipstick range as I just love them and currently own 4. I have 3 shades from the original collection and 1 shade from the new 'Matte' range which I absolutely love. When the very first collection came out, these lipsticks were a huge success and nearly everyone rushed out to buy them (I know I did).
If you don't own one of these lipsticks already then I would really recommend getting your hands on one. As with most lipsticks from Rimmel.. these smell really nice and remind me a bit of Vanilla ice-cream! The formula is equally as nice. It is super creamy and very easy to apply to the lips. These lippies are also very pigmented and leave a satin finish, which I love (except for the matte lipstick obviously). Unfortunately the only let down for these lipsticks would be the lasting power. It's not that long lasting and a touch-up would be required after about 3 hours.
Some people did argue that the lipstick dried out their lips and wasn't very moisturising. However, I found the product quite comfortable to wear on my lips and overall, I was really happy with how it performed versus other favourite brands.
Lets move on to what shades are my favourite!

Shade '03'
So my favourite nude in the collection is shade '03'. It's more on the brown side of nude  but I really like this colour! It is very pigmented and really nice to apply. This is a great shade to wear as an everyday lipstick as it's not too noticeable but really adds to your overall make-up instead of just having nothing on your lips.

Shade '12'
This is probably my favourite lipstick to wear in the Summer months. This colour is beautiful! I would describe this as a bright coral red with an orange undertone. Again, the lipstick itself feels really nice to wear and it is super pigmented. I will be wearing this colour a lot on my holidays as it's the perfect shade with a tan and I also think it could suit any skintone.
Shade '107'
So this lipstick is from the 'Matte' collection which came out a good while after the original range was released. These come in a red packaging so you can tell the difference between the collections. The design is still the same with Kate's signature and a love heart imprinted on the cap. I really love wearing this colour on a night out and would also wear it as my statement red lip. I feel the darker reds suit my skintone a lot better than the classic red shades. This shade '107' is a bit more on the dark and vampy side of red lips but it is really gorgeous.

Shade '04'
Finally the last lipstick I have in the Kate Moss Collection is shade '04'. This is a super dark purple shade and only the brave must wear it! Again, I would wear this colour on a night out for a statement lip. I think this shade would be slightly too dark for an everyday look. It is a truly gorgeous colour though, and despite it being very vampy and almost goth-like, I really love it and do wear it a lot!

One thing I would recommend with the darker shades though, is to wear a lip liner. The darker colours do tend to bleed out at the edges. So there you have it! I love these lippies from Kate Moss for Rimmel and will definitely be picking up a few more shades to add to my collection.

Have you tried these lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?

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