Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pop Art Inspired Nails

Hi everyone! 
Just a quick little post about my Nails today as I created this Pop Art inspired look whilst watching the 'Eurovision Semi Finals'..(How sad am I) So I thought I should share it with you guys! I have a midi skirt in my wardrobe with a pop art print on it which I love and so I got some inspiration from that to create this look. It's not perfect but I do really like having a different pattern on each nail.. feels bright and Summery!
I won't go into too much detail about how exactly I created this look because I want to keep this post short. 
Basically it came from simple experimentation and a lot of patience.. However, it was pretty simple and I used a range of different nail polishes and nail art pens.

Here is a picture of all the Nail polishes I used in creating this design, but if you wanted to re-create something similar to this then feel free to use whatever colours and brand of nail polish you like. Hope you guys like my take on Pop Art inspired nails! 

Would you re-create this look? What was your thoughts?

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