Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday Manicure: 'Desert Skies'

Hello fellow beauty addicts!
Something about the deserts golden sands and the clear blue skies inspired me into doing some Nail art.. and this is my take on it. Using a nail polish by Barry M in shade 'Blue Moon', I painted 4 of my nails leaving out my ring finger as an accent nail. Blue Moon is a gorgeous baby blue colour, reminding me of the sky on a sunny day! I applied 3 coats of this as it does come across quite sheer. 

Next for the accent nail. I applied 2 coats of NYC's 'Full Metal Jacket'. I absolutely love this nail polish and it could very well be my favourite gold. It comes out very opaque after just one coat but I always feel more satisfied by doing at least 2 coats.

To my index finger I added some of my new Caviar Pearls by Ciate. These were in the shade shooting star. I received a set of mini polishes by Ciate in this months Marie Claire magazine and I couldn't wait to try them out as I haven't yet tried any of the Ciate polishes. These are pretty easy to apply.. by sprinkling them onto wet nails and then covering with a top coat to stop them from chipping or getting caught on things.

Finally I painted an inverted 'V' on my thumb with the gold polish by NYC to finish off the look. I really like these nails! I think the colours look really well against a tanned skintone and they are bright and cheerful for the Summer.

What do you think of my Nail Art?

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