Sunday, 30 June 2013

NOTD | Flower Power Nail Art

Hey everyone!
So Sundays mean one thing to me.. Sunday dinner, chilling out, watching some telly.. And painting my nails! I love nothing better on a Sunday than sitting down to do something with my nails it just feels nice and relaxing. It doesn't help that the weather today in Ireland is quite dull and miserable. Wheres our Summer gone? Anyway, today's manicure is a little bit of a lazy one. I used some self adhesive nails by Penneys/Primark.
I picked these up a few weeks back for just €1.50 and threw them into the back of my drawer.. to add to my already ridiculous collection of stick on  nails. Having found them again today I decided to put them to some use!

The pattern on these nails is very bright. The original design was meant to be a blue background with some white clouds but I decided to add some simple pink dots on the nails to turn them into a flower sort-of design.

This was very simple to achieve using my dotting tool and some pink shimmery polish by LA Colors in the shade 'Electrified'. Something about this design reminds me of the 60's, hence why I called it Flower Power. 
I really like these self adhesive nails by Penneys/Primark. They're really cheap and very handy for those of you who have super short nails and would like a bit of length. They also come with a glue if you don't already have some nail glue of your own.

What do you think of these stick on nails? Have you tried them?

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